How to request an RFID FOB for UT Students?

You can request a fob via the app and you will be charged $5.00. Log on to the app, select the blue avatar in the top right corner, the select "Get a Membership Card".

You can still check out bike without the fob by using the app, or your phone number or credit card ending in xxxx at the kiosk.

How Do I Know if my B-cycle was Returned Properly?

When returning your b-cycle make sure you push the bike all the way into an open dock. You should hear 3 beeps and see the green light flash to confirm your return. If this does not happen, try pushing the bike in a little more. If that doesn't trigger the beeps and lights call our customer service number and let them know.

Pro tip: Opt into text messages and you'll receive a text every time your b-cycle is properly docked!

What is Austin B-cycle?

Austin B-cycle is a bike sharing service for Austin, Texas. With a network of over 75 24/7/365 on-demand bicycle stations throughout downtown, we provide Austinites and visitors alike an easy, fast way to navigate the city core.

How does Austin B-cycle work?

To access our network of on-demand bicycle stations, purchase annual or monthly membership or 3-day access online. Or, you can purchase a 24-hour access at any of our stations. Annual and monthly members check out bikes by swiping their card at the dock next to the bike they wish to use. 24-hour and 3-day access pass holders swipe the credit card they used to purchase the pass at the station kiosk to check out a bike. When you are done riding, return your bike to any station in the system and push it into any empty dock in the station.

How much does it cost?

Our annual membership — the Local365 — is $80*. The Local365+ is $90* and comes with a Guest Pass RFID card which includes 8 one-hour rides. Our monthly membership — the Local30 — is $11* per month, plus a one-time $15* enrollment fee. Our Weekender Pass, which includes 3 days access is $15*, and 24-hour access is $12*.

Your access pass or membership gives you unlimited checkouts up to 60 minutes at no additional charge during your access period. Checkouts lasting more than 60 minutes will be charged a usage fee $4 (plus tax) per 30 minutes.

Maximum usage fee is $75* per 24 hours. To avoid usage fees, check your bike back in within 60 minutes. Sign up as an annual member.

*Plus Tax

How do I purchase a pass?

You can purchase a 24-hour access at any time at any of our B-station kiosks with a major credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.) When the kiosk screen asks you if you wish to purchase a day pass, select "Yes". You will be asked to sign our user agreement and enter any promo code you might have. After prompted to swipe your card, you may choose any available bike. Your 24-hour access will start with this checkout, and you will use this same card any other time you wish to checkout a bike during that period. Our annual memberships (Local365), monthly memberships (Local30), and Weekender Pass (3-day access) must be purchased online.

I purchased a pass. How do I check out a bike?

If you have an active membership, there are a few different ways you can check out bikes from the system:

  • Credit card: You can use the credit card you used at signup as a way to verify your account at the kiosk. Select "I Have a Pass", then select "Or Credit Card" in the lower left corner, then swipe your credit card to verify your account.
  • Text a code: You can use the cell phone number you entered at signup to verify your account at the kiosk. Select "I Have a Pass" and then enter the number. You should receive a text with a unique code. Enter the code at the kiosk to access the bikes.
  • B-Cycle App: If you purchased a membership online, you can use the username/password to log into the BCycle app. Once logged in, tap on the station icon, select "Get a bike", and enter the dock number to unlock the bike. Note that you must be at the station since the app is GPS-fenced.
  • B-fob: If you are a B-cycle monthly or annual member, you may request an RFID fob (a little card that attaches to a keychain) at no additional charge. The B-fob allows you to skip the kiosk altogether. Go directly to a docked bike, tap the silver button on the dock to the right of the bike, then wave the B-fob directly above the lighted panel. The fob uses RFID proximity technology to verify your account. To request it simply contact our Customer Service and you can expect it in the mail in 5-8 weekdays.

How long can I take the bike?

Austin B-cycle is a bike share system created for short distance trips with the bikes returning within a 60-minute window on each trip. Checkouts lasting longer than 60 minutes will be charged an additional fee of $4(plus tax) for each additional 30 minutes past the first hour of a checkout, which is included with your access level. Bikes may be used for up to 24-hours at one time, however, but please note usage fees apply after 60 minutes of each check out. To avoid additional fees, simply check the bike in at 60 minutes or less on each trip.

What if I want to keep a bike all day or longer?

B-cycle is designed for short trips and letting other members and pass holders use the bikes when you do not need one. By checking the bike back in when you are not riding it, you avoid usage fees, don’t have to worry about locking the bike, and allow others to use the bike. If you want a bike all day or multiple days, we recommend contacting one of our local bike rental companies.

Where are the stations?

Check our location map for our current B-stations. We launched with 11 station December 21, 2013 and have since continued to grow to more than 75 stations. There's a printed system map at each station and you can download the B-cycle app for iPhone or for Android to see the map of stations on the go and check bike and dock availability.

When are the stations open?

Austin B-cycle operates 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

What if it is full? What if a station is empty?

If a station is full when you arrive, go to the kiosk and select the "Station Full" button after the Welcome screen for a list of nearby stations and to add a free extra 15 minutes to your trip.

Check our location map for our current B-stations. We launched with 11 station December 21, 2013 and have since continued to grow to more than 51 stations. There's a printed system map at each station and you can download the B-cycle app for iPhone or for Android to see the map of stations on the go and check bike and dock availability.

What happens if the bike gets lost or stolen?

Contact Customer Service immediately at (512) 954-1665. You are financially responsible for any and all bikes checked out of a station on your card. If the bike you checked out is not recovered, you will be responsible for the replacement cost, $1200 plus sales tax.

What if I am involved in an accident?

If there has been an injury, please dial 911 first. If appropriate, contact the police, as well. As in any accident, exchange information with any other affected party and collect contact information from witnesses. Contact Customer Service at (512) 954-1665 the earliest appropriate time.

What if I get a flat tire?

Please return a bike with a flat tire to the nearest B-station. Contact Customer Service (512) 954-1665 at the earliest convenience to alert them to the maintenance issue so we can lock down the bike for repair. If you cannot get the bike to a station, you must properly secure the bike with the built-in lock and contact Customer Service immediately via phone to let them know.

When does my membership period begin?

For 24-hour and 3-day access, your membership period begins the first time you check out a bike. For annual and monthly memberships, the membership is activated and begins upon purchase

Can I buy more than one membership with my credit card?

Yes, you can have multiple memberships of the same or different types on a card, however, you may only have up to 4 active kiosk 24-hour memberships at one time.

What if I want to cancel my membership? Can I get a refund?

All membership fees and usage fee sales are final. If you wish to cancel your membership, please feel free to contact Customer Service to notify them. However, there is no refund under the terms of purchase. Membership cancellation or any questions regarding billing fees should be referred to our Customer Service Department.

How old do you have to be?

You must be 18 years of age of older to ride Austin B-cycle.

Riders age 13-17 may ride on our Local365 Youth membership but must wear the helmet provided with their membership or their own helmet at all times when riding, per the City of Austin's helmet ordinance Section 12-2-31.

Can I use my B-cycle annual membership in another B-cycle city?

Austin B-cycle participates in the B-connected program, which allows annual members to access B-cycle fleets in most other B-cycle cities, including all the other B-cycle programs in Texas as well as Denver, Boulder, and Madison. Instructions on activating your B-card in other cities will be included with your annual membership welcome card. To see if a particular city is participating in the B-connected program, please contact that B-cycle city.