Self-Guided Day Trips

We plan the route. You choose the fun.

Summer Route: Austin Art Walls

Each stop below will route you through some of Austin's most popular murals. Follow our recommended google maps route here. This route will take you past 10+ murals and over 5 B-stations. Total completion time is about one hour, or 6 miles. Complete the route with pictures of yourself at every stop and you'll receive a swag bag of B-cycle goodies and more! Send your completed trip pictures to, or shoot us a message on social.

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Hi, How Are You?

Probably the oldest and most famous Austin mural. In 1993, artist and musician Daniel Johnston was commissioned by Sound Exchange record store to create a mural featuring Jeremiah, the frog. Since then they mural has been vandalized countless times, but always restored.

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Red River Ally

My favorite hidden gem of Austin street art: the 7th and Red River Ally. Situated behind the defunct Red 7 music venue (now called Barracuda) is a very vibrant and fun mural.

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Empire Control Room & Garage

One of Austin's most popular music venues, Empire has rotating art wall using many different local artists to celebrate events like Cinco de Mayo, SXSW, and more. Who knows what mural is up now!

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Crossing IH-35 will take you into Austin's East Side. We have a quick pit-stop at our B-cycle station on 5th street and on your ride down East 6th street you will pass countless murals and street art. Ending up at 6th and Chicon at Cisco's. Cisco's is one of East 6th Street's last remaining business and has a beautiful massive mural on their west side of the building. The Eastern bar also has some great wall art there too!


East 4th Street (Don't Dead Open Inside)

East 4th street has probably the most street art in the downtown area. Stretching from Comal to IH-35, there is at least one large mural every block. The famed pedicab garage on 4th and Attayac has the newest addition celebrating the late Artist Formerly Known as "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince".

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I Love You So Much

Our final stop is on South Congress. You can wait in the sometimes 2 or 3 minutes line to get your picture taken at the world famous I Love You So Much wall at Jo's. South Congress has plenty more wall art to take in, so walk, or ride around to see what you can find.

Spring Route: Ann and Roy Butler Hike & Bike Trail

Each station below sits somewhere on Austin's famous hike and bike trail around Lady Bird Lake. Follow our recommended google maps route here, and take a peek at what pit-stops we suggest you take below. Complete the route with pictures of yourself at every station and you'll receive a swag bag of B-cycle goodies and more! Send your completed trip pictures to, or shoot us a message on social.


Start: Mopac Pedestrian Bridge at Veterans Dr

There's plenty of parking on either sides of the Mopac Pedestrian Bridge. Take a short walk over to our station on the north side of the lake to check out a bike. Our route for the hike and bike is a loop, so now it's decision time. Hit up our google maps route here and then see if you're wanting to hit the downtown area, or South Austin first. Follow our course in reverse if you're wanting to go downtown.


Barton Springs Pool

Our station is located right out front of the pool on the Zilker side. Go for a dip in the city's most refreshing watering hole! Not wanting to shell out a couple of bucks to get in? No problem, jump in the Barton Springs Spillway just north of the fence instead.


South Lamar and Riverside Dr

Go ahead and dock your b-cycle at the south end of the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge if you have time for a nine. Butler Park Pitch & Putt is an old Austin tradition going back over 60 years. Amateurs and enthusiasts alike play this laid-back course with a dog by their side and a BYOB policy to top it off.

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Long Center (South 1st and Riverside)

Before heading to the Long Center station, you might want to pop into the Great Outdogs pet store and grab a frisbee. Auditorium Shores stretches along the river and you couldn't ask for a better place to play ball. Make sure to make some legged friends before saddling up again.


Rainey St & Cummings

This will be your longest stretch, but arguably the most beautiful. You'll ride along the new boardwalk on the south side of the lake, then cross at the IH35 pedestrian bridge. Head back West for a short while until you see our station where Rainey St hits the hike and bike trail. If you're looking to grab a couple drinks keep on your bike and pedal up to Rainey and Davis St, where we have another station. Dock your b-cycle while trying to pick one of the dozens of bars on Rainey for your happy hour fix.

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Sandra Muraida Dr & West 2nd St

Finally you'll make it to your last stop: the Seaholm District. Austin's old power plant has been transformed into a bustling network of housing, start-ups, storefronts and green space. Stop into Black Dog for an expresso, or even get a snack at the Trader Joe's around the corner. Once you're finished up in Seaholm, get back on the trail and head west until you reach the Mopac Pedestrian Bridge. Dock your b-cycle for the last time and head on home. We hope you had fun!