Noah Sloan, Austin

“Was running 5 minutes late, now I’m 5 minutes early. Austin B-cycle is the best thing to happen in Austin since bike lanes.”


Nicole Gartside, Austin

B-cycle makes the daily commute so much less stressful. I can throw all of my stuff in the basket instead of slinging it over my shoulder to walk and I get to work on my time without worrying about traffic or parking. I hear so many co-workers complain about morning commutes, but I don't have to struggle with it the same way they do because of B-cycle!


Greg Anderson, Austin

There's nothing sexy about sitting in a motor vehicle complaining about all the other people sitting in their motor vehicles. Breezing by these wayward souls at a smooth 12 miles per hour makes me feel like I've figured out the quickest path to happiness and health.

Allison Kaplan, Austin

“Everyone smiles at me when I’m riding an Austin B-cycle. Great way to start the day!”

Brian Rainey, Austin

“With the B-cycle station outside my apartment, I’m able to get downtown just as quickly as driving without having to park my car or worry about dealing with my own bike when I wanted to go home.”

Tex Ramone, Austin

“Austin @AustinBcycle is the shit. Easiest and cheapest way to get around downtown if you don't mind getting a little sweaty.”


Hedda Prochaska, Austin

Austin B-cycle was a lifesaver during SXSW. I've used B-cycles before when traveling, but hadn't taken advantage in my own city -- lesson learned! I was able to catch more shows, and save precious energy during a marathon week. There simply is no better way to get around the Austin.

Greg Griffin, Austin

“Cruising a few blocks on @AustinBcycle keeps the humid Texas heat from making a sweaty walk between meetings—thx!”


Matt Curtis, Austin

When I first met Christie, I didn’t want to let her get away. So, I had to take a normal date and make it a blast. We used Car2Go to get downtown and then hopped on Austin B-cycle to move from one fun stop to another. On bikes we were able to get to more places in less time, and we had a fun time seeing the town along the way. (Spoiler alert: They're now married!)

Fred van Schie, CA

“Enjoyed Austin the past 6 days. Fun riding around on bicycles from @AustinBcycle. Recommend using them when your in Austin next.”