Stats & Facts


Cumulative system data as of April 1st 2017.

  • Total Number of Trips: 719,827
  • Total Number of Miles: 2,154,325
  • Total Number of Calories Burned: 67,100,038
  • Total Carbon Offset: 2,038,491 lbs
  • Car Avoidance Trips: 187,155
  • Total trips around the world: 68.5

SXSW 2016

Thousands of trips made by thousands of attendees. SXSW 2016 is another success!


Pedal to the Metal: 2014 Austin City Limits

Thanks to a massive volunteer effort, Austin B-cycle was able to get thousands of festival goers to the shows like a rock star!


Feeling the Love: 93% Rate B-cycle Excellent

A phone survey conducted just four months into B-cycle's arrival found Austin is loving the service, convenience and connection provided by bike sharing.


2014 SXSW: Austin B-cycle Breaks Records!

At just two months old, Austin B-cycle shatters national record during SXSW!