Time to #beat the heat!

As we all know, summer in Texas can get pretty tough. That’s why we’re bringing some survival tips for cyclists to beat the heat!

HealthBenefits ofOranges.png

1. Drink Water

This can’t be emphasized enough: stay hydrated! It’s the No.1 rule for beating the heat. You don't want to drink water only when you are thirsty, because that’s already too late! The key to cycling in hot weather is maintaining hydration by drinking small amounts often when riding.

2. Wear the Right Clothes

Choosing the right clothes to wear on a summer day is also crucial. Avoid dark colors, especially black. Lightweight materials with sweat-wicking properties will help you cool off.

3. Prevent Sunburn

Don’t mess with Texas’s Sun. Sunburn is harmful for your skin and can cause fatigue, make sure to apply sunscreen frequently. Also try wearing a cycling cap under your helmet for additional shade!

4. Plan In Advance

Plan a bike route with stops where you can take a break and restock with cold beverages. Pro tip: when filling up your water bottle, pop it in the freezer when it’s half full, then fill it up all the way, so that your water will still stay cooler longer!


5. Take A Dip

Last but not least, nothing relieves the summer heat like taking a dip. Luckily, we are in Austin, where tons of refreshing places are available. Check out this list of swimming locations you can go to with Bcycle!


Rio Rooftop Lounge

601 Rio Grande St

Nearby B-station: West 6th & Guadalupe

Bailey Splash Pad

1101 W. 33rd St.

Nearby B-station: Rio Grande & 28th

Deep Eddy Pool

2401 Lake Austin Blvd

Nearby B-station: Lake Austin Blvd @ Deep Eddy

Barton Spring Pool

2171 Barton Springs Rd

Nearby B-station: Barton Spring Pool