The future is electric: Austin B-cycle testing e-bikes

Have you noticed one of these new, shiny white bikes at our stations lately? It's the new BCycle e-bike that we are testing.

The bike are a pedal assist based on the award winning Bosch mid-drive system. Just turn the motor on with the control on the left handlebar, and the motor will seamlessly kick-in to provide you extra power when you need it.

Checking one out works just like regular bikes, and there is no surcharge to ride. Grab an e-bike for a ride next time you see one and let us know what you think!

Finding e-bikes on our app

Want to find an e-bike to try? Download the BCycle app and look for the stations that have the electric bolts. When you find one, you can click on the station and see how many e-bikes versus classic bikes are available. Checkout through the app, with your B-fob, or at the kiosk.