Rider profile: Nicole Gartside

Austin B-cycle has been serving ATX with a fast, fun mobility option for more than a year now. So how are folks using the system? And how is it enhancing their lives? Well, we're reaching out to some of our riders to find out. This week, we heard from Nicole Gartside, a user since September 2014...

I moved here last June after college for a job, and since my new apartment was only a mile from my office, biking just made sense, especially since I had to make it home during my lunch break several times a week to let out my new puppy -- walking there and back in the heat just didn't make sense.

I actually bought a bike of my own when I got here, but a few months later, it was stolen. A month after getting a second bike, the seat was stolen. I just didn't feel comfortable riding my own bike to work anymore, constantly worrying about whether or not it would be there when I went outside, so I looked into B-cycle since it was right down the street from me. Considering the price I kept paying to replace bikes and parts, this made so much more sense.

Now, I use B-cycle almost every day to get to and from work — and sometimes to go home during lunch, as well. I also like to use it to go into downtown when I'm meeting friends or running errands since it's way easier than driving.

Why? Well, B-cycle is cheaper and more reliable, in my opinion. Parking can cost up to $10 per day downtown, and that just doesn't make financial sense for me, especially since I'm so close to my office. Plus, I don't have to waste time waiting around for a bus. If I need to make a quick trip home or I'm running late, I don't want to have to depend on a bus schedule -- I can just hop on a B-cycle and go. Plus, I get a little exercise in the process!

I really do love riding B-cycle around my neighborhood in downtown Austin. Especially when I take some less crowded streets, it's a nice way to enjoy the weather and take in the city.

And It makes the daily commute so much less stressful. I can throw all of my stuff in the basket instead of slinging it over my shoulder to walk and I get to work on my time without worrying about traffic or parking. I hear so many co-workers complain about morning commutes (and I've definitely experienced Austin traffic on my own), but I don't have to struggle with it the same way they do because of B-cycle.

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