Rider Profile: Greg Anderson

Austin B-cycle has been serving ATX with a fast, fun mobility option for more than a year now. So how are folks using the system? And how is it enhancing their lives? Well, we're reaching out to some of our riders to find out. This week, we got input from Greg Anderson, who's been using the system since its debut.

1) What drew you to first try B-cycle?

Signing up for B-cycle was a simple decision for me. I live, work, and play in and near downtown around 90% of the time so any additional easy and fun transportation options are a must.

2) How long have you been using the system?

Since the day it opened! Having been to cities with bike-share systems I was excited to learn that Austin would have its very own system. Of course, I also remember how hard people like (former City Councilmembers) Chris Riley, Sheryl Cole and others worked to make it happen.

3) How often and for what type of trips do you use B-cycle?

There is really little rhyme or reason as to when or for what type of trips I use B-cycle. I know where I need to go and I either head for the train, my bike, a B-cycle, my car or I hoof it on foot.

4) What's been the benefit of riding B-cycle than, say, driving or taking public transit?

The exercise and joy of riding would be the greatest benefit of riding B-cycle for me. I've somehow logged over a thousand miles on the system but have only taken a handful of joyrides — meaning the stations truly are near where I need to be.

5) What's your favorite place to ride to via B-cycle?

City Hall! Parking is never easy down there (similar to any other healthy major city where people want to be) so the ease of pulling up, popping in and walking off is amazing.

6) How has B-cycle enhanced your experience of Austin?

There is nothing sexy about sitting in a motor vehicle complaining about all the other people sitting in their motor vehicles. Breezing by these wayward souls at a smooth 12 miles per hour makes me feel like I've figured out the quickest path to happiness and health.

Chart your course to health and happiness: Join Austin B-cycle here!