Rider Profile: Alexander Harris

Alexander Harris lives on the East Side and works in downtown Austin, making his way to the Sparefoot office most days on B-cycle.

“When I moved to Austin from Virginia last year, I had to sell my bike because it wouldn’t fit in the storage unit," he says. "Luckily, my office was only about a 20-minute walk from my apartment, and I had a parking pass if I ever needed to drive. Soon enough I noticed there was a B-cycle station right next to my apartment building and one right next to the office. Instead of paying for my parking pass, I got the company to cover my B-cycle membership instead. Now, I B-cycle to work almost every day and it only takes me five to seven minutes.”

Harris appreciates the convenience of having hundreds of bikes at his fingertips, while avoiding the hassle of maintaining his ride. “I must admit I’m pretty terrible when it comes to bike mechanics and maintenance," he says, "so not having to keep my own bicycle turned out to be a big plus. I also like that I don’t have to worry about my bicycle getting stolen.”

B-cycle also gives him a chance to reset during the workday. “On a nice day I also like to get out of the office for a bit and ride a B-cycle around Town Lake and back," he says. "I come back refreshed and energized.”

“And, for a quick trip from my apartment on the East Side to get food downtown, I don’t have to worry about parking. I also enjoy the physical activity since I don’t always have time to run or get to the gym. It helps to fit in a work out as part of my daily commute instead of making extra time for it.”

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