Falling in Love... By B-cycle

By Matt Curtis & Christie Johnson

Dating on wheels gets you moving fast — and we quickly fell in love on Austin B-cycle.

For two people on-the-go in Austin, it was a miracle we met one another. Depending on which one of us you ask, some of our stories are radically different (like who first approached whom). But one of the things we agree on: Our dates were fun and adventurous, and much of it was because we used Austin B-cycle, Car2Go and other alternative transportation options to get around.

Matt: When I first met Christie, I didn’t want to let her get away. So, I had to take a normal date and make it a blast. We used Car2Go to get downtown and then hopped on Austin B-cycle to move from one fun stop to another – and, since there were so many great places to eat, and so many events, we had a lot of options. On bikes we were able to get to more places in less time, and we had a fun time seeing the town along the way.

Christie: I didn’t know what to think of this guy. His idea of dating seemed to revolve around keeping us on the go. But, instead of driving to one place for dinner and maybe one more stop, we would stop at several places. Mostly, I loved seeing the city from a different point of view and it was something we could do together.

Matt: It was challenging for me to think outside my comfort zone, but it was fun, too. I started to find new restaurants and venues neither of us had been to, which was adventurous enough, but getting there by Austin B-cycle or bus made the dates memorable.

Christie: It’s frustrating to have to keep moving a car and the expense of parking can often be outrageous.

Matt: Even when I asked Christie to get married, it was after a day of riding bike share. And she said yes!

Christie: You would imagine the spark of those first dates would change over time, but we still use alternative transportation often and Austin B-cycle as much as possible. It still thrills us to date on wheels.

Together, we’ve seen Austin grow over time. There’s so much to do and so much to see. We think alternative transportation can make going out a blast and move a relationship into high gear.

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