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Christmas In July: Expansion Update

Camille J. Park

It’s Christmas in July for Austin commuters because we’re adding three more stations to our system to make your commute or short-distance excursion even more convenient.

These new stations are up and running Henderson & 9th outside of Whole Foods, Barton Springs and Sterzing across from Chuy’s, and Cesar Chavez and Congress. Along with the three stations are 45 new bikes, 40 of which have small baskets.

Gal Tsubery, Local365 Top Rider, enjoys using B-Cycle in addition to her exercise.

“It is really convenient when I want to run exactly X miles, I can always find a route that will get me to a station from anywhere downtown,” Tsubery said.

Tsubery approves of adding more stations, noting that popular stations can fill up with bikes during rush hour.

The additional stations can help alleviate some rush hour and parking concerns. Eric Heins, Local365 Top Rider discovered B-Cycle on a walk and signed up because of restricted parking options.

“I found it convenient to go to church because of limited parking and signed up for the annual package when I realized I could use it for daily exercise or meeting people downtown,” he said.

A recent video shot by a New York bikeshare user illustrates the extent of gridlock, documenting several Citibike checkouts while cars remain in traffic in the same duration.

Although Austin and New York City are not comparable in population, the mutual traffic jam calls for alternative transportation in both cities.

William Lowe, Local365 Top Rider, hopes to see future expansion for B-Cycle beyond the downtown area and more coverage of the entire city. This way, everyone can get a chance to use the system and opt out of traffic and opt into cleaner, convenient transportation.

We'll be unwrapping future expansion plans, but for now, enjoy our additional three stations on your next commute or day out.

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One of the newest stations is Henderson & 9th outside of Whole Foods, a convenient location for locals to grab a quick grocery load in a B-Cycle basket.