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B-cycle your Lunch B-reak

You've barely eaten your last bite and you're just getting into a great conversation with a friend when you look at your watch. Yep, somehow an hour has already flown by and you've barely eaten — let alone enjoyed — your lunch.

Reclaim your lunch b-reak with Austin B-cycle!

Consider all the time your spend walking to the cafe or circling to find a parking space. With 46 stations around downtown, riding Austin B-cycle allows you to burn calories and save time that can be better spent savoring your time out of the office.

So, on July 29, we're sweetening the incentive to give Austin B-cycle a try. Ride to the B-station at 5th and Bowie from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and we'll give you a $5 gift card for Whole Foods Market — right across the street from the station.

And that's just the appetizer. If you're not an Austin B-cycle member yet, find our friendly staff inside, next to the Trattoria, and we'll serve you up a free month of access, with no sign-up fee.