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A Little More of Everything in 2017

Hi Austin B-cycle riders!

Austin B-cycle is starting the year with a bang! You will now be able take our fast, fun transportation on longer trips, to more places​, and have more bikes and docks available to you.

Now ride up to 60 minutes on your membership:

You asked, and we responded! The biggest news is the jump from unlimited 30 minute rides to unlimited 60 minute rides! That means no more usage fees for rides less than one hour in length. Now you can run errands that are out a little further, or you can enjoy our​ beautiful days a little longer. This change applies to all Austin B-cycle paid memberships: The Local365, Local30, Founders, Weekender, Explorer and Walk-up.

Please note that for Local365 members, there will no longer be overage fee ​forgiveness on the first two 60 minute rides each month​.

With the new hour-long ride time,​ we have raised the price of our Explorer and Walk-Up access passes to $12 (plus tax). No other memberships will see a price change at this time.

This time and price change will go into effect Wednesday, January 18th, 2017.

​A better way to bike with friends-- ​introducing the ​Local365+

​Ever wanted to check out a bike for a friend? Well we've listened to your feedback and are now offering our Local365 members the option to purchase a Guest Pass with their regular Local365 membership​. Once ordered, this Guest Pass will come in the form of a​n​ RFID card equipped with eight one​-hour rides!

​*​Any of the 8 included trips that last longer than 60 minutes will incur normal usage fees, just like your Local365 membership. Once the 8 trips are used up, the card can still be used to check out a B-cycle for $4 (plus tax) per 30 minutes of rid​e time​. Usage fees on your Guest Pass will be charged to your Local365 account. Th​e​ Guest Pass will expire on the same date your Annual membership does. Unused Guest Pass trips do not roll over when you renew.

Starting next Wednesday, January 18th, our Guest Pass can be purchased at as a separate membership called the Local365+ Guest Pass for $90 plus tax. Your Guest Pass will automatically renew each year at this level when you renew your Local365 membership.

If you would like to purchase a Guest Pass on your current membership​, please email​. The charge is $10(plus tax) and ​we will​ mail out your Guest Pass within 4-7 business days. Please remember that your Guest Pass will expire on your current Local365 membership expiration date.

More locations, more spots to dock bikes:

In 2016, Austin B-cycle had a record number of trips on our 390 bikes, logging over 200,000 trips in our system! In response to this growing demand, we are expanding our busiest stations and adding new locations. This means​ better bike availability and less chance of finding full stations when you are returning bikes. We will be adding new stations at 13th & San Antonio, ​at ​Henderson between 6th & 9th, on ​Congress and Cesar Chavez, and ​on ​Barton Springs and Sterzing in the next few months, with more new locations coming later this year!​ Due to the expansions, our fleet will grow to 425 bikes.

Look for the expanded stations and new locations to start popping up by March 2017.