9 #baaws For Your Next Ride

Camille J. Park

First-time visitors and long-time natives never tire of Austin's plethora of wall art. It's no surprise that cyclists are using Austin's murals to step up their #baaw game.

The hashtag is often found on Instagram, partnered with a photo of a Bike-Against-A-Wall, hence, baaw. Anyone can take one, and we found a couple that can be easily found during a tour around downtown on a B-Cycle or on your own bike.

As summer settles in and Austin days get longer, explore this non-exhaustive list and find more places to #baaw along the way!


East Side Prince

This tribute to Prince can be found at 4th and Attayac. It was painted by Mezdata the week of Prince's death. More murals can be found around this area along Easy Rider's garage doors, a local pedicab shop, close to our Plaza Saltillo station.


Cisco's Dancing Cowgirls

A twist on Matisse's "Dance" can be found on the side of Cisco's Restaurant, a breakfast/brunch joint in East Austin. The mural combines many of Austin's best features: cowboys, art, and breakfast tacos. Check out bikes from our Plaza Saltillo station and snap a #baaw!


Cisco's Parking Calavera

This pastel-palette mural by Josh Row can be found in Cisco's parking area right across their restaurant. The soft hued calavera makes a clean #baaw for any artsy Instagram account. While you're at it, check out any of the bars next to it like Volstead, Hotel Vegas, Glory Roll, and La Perla.


'til Death Do Us Part

This is a must-have #baaw mural, by Federico Archuleta, for any cycling couple. It's located on the side of Green And White Grocery. Grab a snack inside and throw it into the basket of a B-Cycle. The closest station to this romantic #baaw is at Medina and 6th.


I35 Bowtie Cat

This mural is one of the first when entering the land of bars and street slices. After some warm-up drinks from the east side, grab a B-Cycle and head over to Dirty Sixth for even more bars and #baaws!


The Contemporary Austin

Although not quite a mural, the side of the downtown art museum is another hotspot for #baaws. The installations are made of glass which reflect a green tint when illuminated at night. Dock your bikes at our 8th and Congress station and find an appreciation for the arts in The Contemporary Austin.


We Are All Mexico

This brightly colored mural is on the building of the Mexic-Arte Museum on 5th and Congress. Dock into any of the stations around it like 6th and Congress or 4th and Congress, and enjoy free admission into the museum every Sunday!


All Are Welcome

Another downtown classic is Mexic-Arte's simple black and white mural, which speaks bold and true to Austin's diverse demographic. All are welcome, including your #baaws.



The whispers mural is definitely a hidden gem that can be found in the entrance of a parking garage on 3rd and Guadalupe. You can find a docking station at Nueces and 3rd after you snap a #baaw, and then grab a coffee at one of Austin's many local bike shops, Mellow Johnny's.