I purchased a pass. How do I check out a bike?

If you have an active membership, there are a few different ways you can check out bikes from the system:

  • Credit card: You can use the credit card you used at signup as a way to verify your account at the kiosk. Select "I Have a Pass", then select "Or Credit Card" in the lower left corner, then swipe your credit card to verify your account.
  • Text a code: You can use the cell phone number you entered at signup to verify your account at the kiosk. Select "I Have a Pass" and then enter the number. You should receive a text with a unique code. Enter the code at the kiosk to access the bikes.
  • B-Cycle App: If you purchased a membership online, you can use the username/password to log into the BCycle app. Once logged in, tap on the station icon, select "Get a bike", and enter the dock number to unlock the bike. Note that you must be at the station since the app is GPS-fenced.
  • B-fob: If you are a B-cycle monthly or annual member, your B-fob allows you to skip the kiosk altogether. Go directly to a docked bike, tap the silver button on the dock to the right of the bike, then wave the B-fob directly above the lighted panel. The fob uses RFID proximity technology to verify your account.